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When to Use TearAid Type A

Type A fixes rips and tears in most materials. TearAid is strong, it's airtight, it's watertight, it's transparent, it stretches, and once applied to a rip or a tear, it's permanent! 

For larger repairs, Type A is also available in 9 metre rolls. All purpose repair roll for large jobs

Type A TearAid will achieve 90% adhesive strength on application and 100% adhesive strength after 1 hour.

Type A TearAid can be used on Auto Convertible Tops, Building and RV Awnings, Backpacks, Nylon Banners, Canvas Sails & Canopies, Fibreglass & Glass, Leather Goods, Plastic Goods, Seats & Cushions, Tents, Tarps & Sleeping Bags, Ski Suits & Wetsuits, Inflatables, Horse Blankets & Rugs, Protective Clothing, Polyamide & Polyester Products, Camping & Fishing Products, Tubes, Trailers & Umbrellas - just about every type of material available including Canvas, Rubber, Neoprene, Nylon, Most Fabrics, Plastics, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Non-oiled Leather, Acrylic, Fibreglass, Aluminium, Polyester, Hypalon and Dacron   

Tears & Rips on a 300ZX Convertible Roof Easily Fixed with Tear-Aid

Use Type A Tear-Aid on an Auto Convertible Roof

Tears & Rips on Backpacks Easily Fixed with Tear-AidMake TearAid your first option for repairing all Camping, Fishing & other Outdoor Equipment

Damaged Sleeping Bags & Hammocks Easily Fixed with Tear-Aid    

Tears & Rips on Whitewater Rafts Easily Fixed with Tear-AidDamaged Hull, Jib & Mainsails Easily Fixed with Tear-Aid For windsurfing repairs - TearAid is available in 9 metre rolls

Damaged Indoor Furniture Easily Fixed with Tear-AidDamaged Indoor or Outdoor Play Equipment Easily Fixed with Tear-Aid


Indoor and Outdoor Repairs made easy with Type A and Type B TearAid adhesive

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