Easily assembled High Quality Stainless Steel Removeable Studio Pole with integrated Quick Lock™ technology that quickly transforms the pole from Spinning to Static mode. 

Complete Set:

  • Single Piece Stainless Steel Vertical Pole with Quick Lock Mechanism
  • Sloped Ceiling Mount (0-90 degrees) (must be fixed to ceiling)
  • Lower Disc
  • Assembly Tools and Screws
  • Installation Trolley
  • Floor Grip Markers x 2
  • Shipping Included

Pole Diameter: 42mm and 45mm

Pole Length: up to 4.0 metres 

Note: Please call 1800 739 933 to discuss ceiling measurement BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.

Superbly engineered pole manufactured in Europe with AVFAS™ to absorb and distribute bending force evenly throughout its length.

Studio Installation Video

Lock and Unlock for Static or Spin Elements

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