The Ultimate Underwater Fishing Camera

Go fishing with GoFish Cam and relive the memory of the strike on a lake, in the river or by the sea. Whether you're fishing in fresh or salty, clear or murky water, day or night, this amazing compact camera will give you all the insights of what goes on beneath the surface. 

  • HD Action Capture in Fresh or Salt Water 
  • Night Vision Equipped - Infrared and Green Light
  • Tough Armour Casing for Rock Fishing
  • 1 Minute Clips Perfect for Editing
  • Mobile Integration for Easy Sharing
  • Stabilised Waterproof Design
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Micro SD Card Storage


Want to see what goes on deep deep down into the water? Up to 500 feet (152 metres!!!) deep deep down!!

All you have to do is weigh the GoFish Cam down with a 1oz or 2oz weight (up to 56gms), about 1 foot (30cms) IN FRONT OF THE UNIT and then attach the lure.

GoFish Cam Instruction Manuals

EnglishEnglish Instruction Manual 

DeutscheGerman Instruction Manual

FrançaisFrench Instruction Manual

日本語Japanese Instructions Manual 

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