Repair Combo includes: 1 x 7.6cm x 30cm Type A Tear Aid, 2 x 3.2cm x 15cm Type A Tear Aid,  2 x Romed Alcohol Prep Sachets, 1 x Silicon Roller.

Use Tear Aid Type A on Aertex, Aluminium, Angora, Aramid, Bamboo, Burlap, Calico, Canvas, Chiffon, Clarino, Coolmax® Mesh, Cordura, Corduroy, Cotton, Dacron, Damask, Denim, Dynax Mesh, DuPont™ Kevlar®, Exkin® Air, Faux Fur, Fibreglass, Flannel, Fleece, Foil, Gabardine, Georgette, Gore-Tex, Glass, Hydratex®, Hypalon, Jersey, Karvin Cowhide (PU Coated), Lace, Lamé, Leather, Leatherette, Linen, Lycra, Monofilm, Mylar, Neoprene, Net, Nylon, Peau de Soie, Polyamide (strong & durable), Polyester (lightweight & economical), PVC, Rayon, Satin, Silk, Spandex, Stainless Steel, Suede, Tapestry, Velour, Velvet, Voile, Vinyl, Wool, Zephyr, Zylon. 

Repairs Windows on Sports Cars, Hospital Beds and Mattresses, Bedheads, Plastic Containers, Inflatable Boats, Backpacks, Inflatable Toys, Life Jackets, Windsurfers, Polyester or Natural Fibre Kites, Vehicle Fenders & Dashboards, Semi Trailer Tarps & Covers, Boat Seating & Fenders, Motorbike & Scooter Seats, Outdoor Window Awnings, Indoor Blinds, Shade Sails, Camping & Caravan Annexes, Patio Umbrellas  

Type B Tear Aid is recommended for PVC and Vinyl repairs.

Repair the Tear - Don't Replace!

Tear Aid meets mandatory levels of *safety and will not cause harm when used in a reasonable manner, including reasonable misuse.

*Complies with AS 1230-1993 (R2016)

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