Traditionally used as a talisman by Native Americans, the dream catcher will sift through your dreams, capturing the good dreams in the holes and allowing them to flow down to you on the feathers and beads.

The bad dreams are also captured during the night but they can't escape the maze and remain trapped until the sun rises, when they are destroyed.

The shape of the dream catcher is symbolic, the circle represents the circle of life, the rise and fall of the sun and the moon each day and night across the sky.

Good Fortune Dream Catcher contains no animal products or by-products (including glue)

* Designed and crafted in Rockhampton, North Queensland, Australia

* Colours: Black, Silver/Grey, White

* Materials: Grey Faux Pearls, Satin, Faux Crystal, Black Silk Flowers

* Diameter: 10.83 Inches (27.5cm)

* Total Length: 34.65 Inches (88cm)

* Gift Boxed

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