High Quality 100% Nickle Free Chrome Finish Portable Vertical Exercise Pole that transforms easily from Spinning to Static mode

Superb European craftsmanship, materials and manufacture

Unique Tube Joint Design for Easy Installation for Ceiling Heights up to 3300mm/330cm (10ft 9.92 ins) 

Smooth pole design with upper disc flex system to absorb and distribute force equally along the pole

*Basic Package Standard Inclusions:

  • One Big HEX Key 
  • One Small HEX Key 
  • One Base Pole (1100mm/3 ft 7.31 in) with Lower Disc Bearing
  • One Main Pole (1090mm/3 ft 6.91 in) with Integrated Joints
  • One Pole Extension (250mm/9.84 in) with Integrated Joints
  • One Pole Extension (125mm/4.92 in) with Integrated Joints 
  • One Upper Ceiling Disc
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Shipping Included

Ceiling Heights

*Basic Package suitable for ceiling heights from 2300mm/7 ft 6.55 in up to 2800mm/9 ft 2.24 in

Note: For ceiling heights from 2800mm/9 ft 2.24 in to 3300mm/10 ft 9.92 in please purchase a 500mm/1 ft 7.69 in Pole Extension


45mm and 42mm 

G2 Installation Video

G2 Chrome Review

Studio Mademoiselle

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