Australian Made Hand Rub Sanitiser suitable for use in Medical and Health Services *compliant with the following major organisations:

  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

At present, alcohol-based hand rubs are the only known means for rapidly and effectively inactivating a wide array of potentially harmful micro-organisms on hands. 

*This product is locally produced in Townsville as per WHO, FDA and TGA recommended formulation using 85% Australian ingredients.

There are no added ingredients other than those specified and recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Suitable for use in resource-limited or remote areas with lack of accessibility to sinks or other facilities for hand hygiene (including clean water, towels etc).

A unique formula and consistency that ensures maximum sanitation of the area while allowing the product to penetrate every crease of the skin, and under fingernails. 

Many hand rub sanitiser solutions will leave hands dry and flaky.

This 80% strength Ethanol based solution provides velvety smooth antimicrobial protection.


  • Cleverly designed bottle for safe storage and handling. 
  • Moulded screw thread neck with leak proof threaded cap. 
  • Converts easily from secure screw seal to pump pack when in use.
  • 5 x Quality dispenser pumps and 5 x 250ml refillable transparent PET bottles and pumps supplied.

*Packaging and shipping of this product compliant with National Transport Commission Australia Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail and Australia Post Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging Guide.

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