Our Price Match Guarantee is our commitment to always offer you the best prices. 

We pride ourselves on our guaranteed customised service and delivery. So, contact us if you find the same product at a different price.

Please contact us and provide the details of our competitor’s website and we will do the rest. 

Terms of Price Match Guarantee

Our Price Match Policy is valid only for product prices in Australian Currency and will be applicable only if the products match in all possible ways; that is 

  • The same Brand
  • The same Manufacturer
  • The same Quantity
  • The same Size
  • The same Colour
  • The same Country of Origin

The Price Match will be on the Final Price, including taxes (where applicable) and Shipping Charges.

We will not offer a Price Match Guarantee, if the competitor's price 

  • is due to a Sale or Promotional Offer
  • is part of a Coupon Discount
  • is being offered as a Gift with a Purchase or Subscription
  • includes a Shipping Discount

We will not match price for purchases that, are made

  • under group buying, bulk buying or wholesale buying
  • from deal websites like Groupon, Scoopon, Our Deal, Amazon, eBay and stock liquidations stores

Any product with a competitor that has been priced at less than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) will not be price matched. 

The Price Match will be valid for one item per purchase per customer and will not be applicable for any future purchase.

The North Pole Shoppe may choose, at its discretion, not to apply Price Match Guarantees on some products.

Price Match Guarantee

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Please call us on 1 800 739 933

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Revised April 25th, 2018


Please use the form if you have any questions regarding our Price Match Guarantee