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Wonderful customer service. They went above and beyond for me. I wanted to buy my first ever pole and I didn't know what to order so did some googling and the first and only brand that came up was x-pole. Now that I'd had an idea on what I wanted and the material and pole diameter I went and searched for a shop. This is the shop I chose. I called to enquire about ordering an X-Pole but due to covid supplies are low and they are low EVERYWHERE. The kind lady told me that she could preorder me one but it could be a lengthy wait so I said I'd phone back. I was a little disheartened that I wouldn't get to start as soon as I'd hoped and felt a little crushed. Then my phone rang and I answered. It was this shop. The lady then asked if I wanted X-Pole in particular or would I consider another brand. Considering that the internet is very X-Pole saturated I asked about the other brand to get more information and she gave me lots of information and also let me do some researching of my own. Lupit Pole, I researched and found that it was a lesser known but just as high quality pole (if not better). I was blown away. If this lovely woman hadn't thought on it and didn't call me back if be waiting possibly for months. Instead my pole is set to arrive soon which is incredible. She was also there every step of the way from placing my order to keeping me updated on when things were being sent, tracking numbers and just always remaining in contact. This is what real customer service is and she's wonderful to deal with. Definitely recommend :)

- Sirena Jones

Revised June 3rd, 2020