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I need to repair a torn seam of a plastic window in my camper trailer. Should I use type A or B tape?

To repair clears on your camper trailer you will need Type A which is suitable for most materials. Tear Aid is available in both kits and rolls. 

I need the Type A Tear Aid ASAP. Live in Adelaide. Where can I find a distributor?

You can find a list of registered Tear Aid Australia Agents here.

Can I use a roll of Type A on my tent to patch fabric and some holes in the floor of tent?

Yes, you can use Type A on any fabric except PVC and Vinyl. Type B is only to be used on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials as PVC is a thermoplastic made of 57% chlorine (derived from industrial grade salt) and 43% carbon (derived from oil or gas via ethylene). It is the chlorine that gives PVC its excellent fire resistance.

We have a jumping castle where the tag that holds the internal divider has broken and the divider has torn the stitching, including some material, from the main frame leaving a hole approximately 3"long x 1/4" wide. Would your product hold this together?

Assuming the jumping castle is either made from PVC or Vinyl, you would use Type B as it is specifically made for PVC and Vinyl repairs. TearAid is a permanent repair solution on damaged flat surfaces,  but, as you mentioned internal dividers and stitching (which will require very careful attention if the repair is to last), please send us images of the damage as placement is vitally important as Tear Aid cannot be removed once you commence the repair.

I am trying to buy Tear Aid Underwater Kit. Are there any stockists in Melbourne? Or can I buy online?

Only Type B can be applied to a wet surface, but it is better if you can apply it dry. Type A must always be applied to a dry surface. You may order via our corporate website at TearAid Our products can only be purchased from registered Tear Aid Australia Distributors, you can find a list of them here.

I want to become a Tear Aid Australia Distributor. How do I do that?

Through the distribution of Tear Aid, we encourage the repair of finished goods to extend their usefulness, and promote the vision of a circular economy. Thank you for your interest. Please submit your details here.

I am hoping you can give me advice on which of your products I would need to purchase to repair my outdoor blinds. I am unable to find what they are actually made of other than its a 2x2 weave, they were purchased from Australian Outdoor living if that helps and are called the Bella Vista.

Australian Outdoor Furniture’s specifications state that the open weave Bella Vista Outdoor blinds are PVC coated to minimise stains. If your blinds are like this image, then you would use the Type B Tear Aid.

I’m not sure if I need to purchase a patch or the strips. The tear is on canvas camper trailer and is diagonal and jagged, not a straight tear. Can Tear Aid be used to overlap on itself, therefore creating “a step like” repair?

Yes, Tear Aid can be overlapped successfully, providing you take care with each application to ensure that no air bubbles remain between the Tear Aid and the canvas and between the two layers of overlapped Tear Aid.

I have a constant airflow inflatable (vinyl) that is used in the swimming pool that needs repairs. Can you please tell me if your product is suitable for this type of equipment?

You would use Type B Tear Aid as it is specifically made for PVC and Vinyl repairs. Although Type B can be applied to a wet surface, it is best applied to a completely dry surface.  If there is any likelihood that the adhesive side of the patch will get wet, then it's best to apply the Tear Aid to both sides of the damage (where possible).

I recently received an order of Leopard Print / Patent 8” Pleasers and there’s a couple of chips in the platform. 

All APFS items are sold at full Retail Prices within their respective Brands section of the Shoppe's website. All items listed in our Sales & Clearance section of that website are guaranteed NEW, but are sold at heavily reduced Retail Prices as they may be either discontinued lines, past date stock or imperfect in some way. We apologise if this was not made clear in our policy documents, Terms of Service (dated December, 2018) and Consumer Rights & Guarantees (dated May 14th, 2019). To avoid future confusion with items purchased from the Sales & Clearance section of the website, both Policy Documents will be updated immediately. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Revised March 9th, 2022


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