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Brass Poles

Brass – An alloy of zinc and copper - the most superior metal finish on the pole when it comes to grip as brass is extremely tacky.

The cold surface is excellent in hot weather.

Brass does not rust.

It is also suitable for those with metal allergies.

However, being a soft material, proper care is necessary as it can damage more easily than chrome or stainless steel.

In hot and humid climates it can be quite slippery.

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  • Brass X-Pert Pro Pole

    Brass X-Pert Pro Pole

    AUD$1,281.65 (Inc. GST)
    AUD$1,165.14 (Ex. GST)

    Exclusive to X-Pole, the patent pending ‘X-LOCK’ mechanism requires no tool to change the XPERT PRO from Static to Spinning - just a twist of the wrist. Requiring only a turn to switch from static to spinning, it takes less than a second...