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Tear Aid - the strong, flexible, fixing solution that supports a circular economy by helping to reduce waste

Tear Aid - the strong, flexible, fixing solution that supports a circular economy by helping to reduce waste

Posted by Nikki Nunnari on 4th Jun 2021

The Great Outdoors


Campsite ‘fix-it-kits’ are a must have addition to your regular camping equipment. 

A broken chair, a ripped tent or sleeping bag can dampen any outdoor activity; be a good scout—‘be prepared’ for emergency quick fixes.

Along with Type A & Type B Tear Aid Kits & a small Repair Roll, include pliers, a shifting spanner, screwdrivers (Phillips head and Slot head), cable ties, Stanley knife, rope and a can of WD40—which may help a drowned ignition system. 

“There’s great satisfaction in dealing with, or at least attempting to fix broken equipment using basic items and a resourceful mind” - Murray White

Household Goods & Chattels

Fixing a rip, a tear, or a hole in an upholstered chair or lounge, be it leather or vinyl, using glue and a heavy filler is both messy and fiddly.

And in many cases the result isn't worth the trouble.

Tear Aid is flexible, transparent, and permanent. 

You can use Type A on most materials of any colour.

Inflatable Items

Don’t throw away vinyl inflatable toys and mattress covers just because they have a small hole or rip.

Fix them instantly and permanently with Type B Tear Aid.

No matter the size of the damage, you can stop it from getting worse, quickly and permanently. 

For commercial and industrial asset maintenance, Tear Aid comes in rolls up to 9 metres long and 15cm wide.

Sporting Goods & Accessories

Made from an exceptionally tough elastomer (shorthand for elastic polymer), Tear Aid resists puncture and tearing, even when stretched. 

It holds, even under pressure, so it’s perfect for fixing all your water sports equipment.

It cuts easily to any size, conforms to irregular surfaces, and is UV resistant.

Whether on the ground, in the air, or on the water, let Tear Aid come to the rescue. 

Save money! Reduce waste! 

Tear Aid is available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia

Queensland - Ian Payne's Automotive EngineeringCoverworldPrime Campers

New South Wales - Breathe Bell TentsNautical Life & Leisure

Victoria - Psyclone TentsThe Office Co

South Australia - Prime Campers