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Living Close to Nature

It’s so easy to get swept up in the modern world, thinking that we need to have more, and be more, but in truth, happiness can really be found in simplicity - and that is exactly what Emma has done.…

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​Now we can do anything – but more importantly, now we have a plan.

- Dame Ellen MacArthurThe speed  I so desperately needed brought with it danger.We all know what it’s like driving a car, 20 miles an hour, 30, 40; it’s not too stressful, we can concentrate, we…

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Tear Aid - the strong, flexible, fixing solution that supports a circular economy by helping to reduce waste

The Great Outdoors    Campsite ‘fix-it-kits’ are a must have addition to your regular camping equipment. A broken chair, a ripped tent or sleeping bag can dampen any outdoor activi…

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